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Flexible for you and your needs.


Create Bonds

Fun relationship building for your family and dog.

Consistent results

From Professional & Experienced Dog Trainers.

Ethical & Effective

Reward Based Scientific Methods.


Sit, Recall, Down, Go To Bed etc.

Household manners

Paw prints on the countertop? We can help.


Dog Tricks

Engage & have fun with your dog while training.


Establish Routine

Balance of activity to keep your dog occupied during working hours etc.

Improves Social Skills

Helps you enjoy having your dog out & about.

Targeted Training

Flexible for you and your needs.

Compliments Group Training

Can cover elements that are excluded from group classes.


Programme Guidance

Direction for people who are not sure what training their dog or pup requires.

One To One


Offering you flexibility, experience and fun engagement with your dog.

Teaching your dog to be a good companion and mannerly in the house, as well as out in the wilder world, all starts with training. We at Clever Pets know that good training forms the basis of good communication between you and your dog and creates a greater bond. Training should be always enjoyable, even when your dog is learning important life lessons he should be fully engaged and actually want to train. Training should be fun for you too.  

A dog that is well trained can have more freedom and actually can enjoy ‘being a dog’ more than a dog who doesn’t know how to settle in the house, come when called, greet other people & other dogs. A well trained dog is more confident & looks to their owner for guidance when unsure. When your dog is well trained you know which situations you can relax and let them have fun in and when your dog needs more help from you.   

Whether your pooch is a young pup, an adolescent, an adult or even an older dog training is an essential component for teaching your dog how to successfully live in human society. As with people, dogs learn their whole lives through – contrary to the popular saying You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! So when you’re ready to train your dog we’re ready to help you.

At Clever Pets we use reward-based training methods that are scientifically proven to help you and your dog get consistent results that are ethical & effective, whatever your training needs or goals. We will teach you how to understand your dog motivations so that you know how to get the best from them in a variety of everyday situations. Safety & welfare always remains a top priority.   

Whether you want to focus on one particular area of training or need a general training programme to help your dog in multiple areas we have a package to suit your needs


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1 hr per session






1 hr per session






1 hr per session

Happy & Safe

Family Consultations

Having dogs in our family greatly enriches our lives, encouraging a fun, adventurous and active lifestyle. As a child growing up with dogs can be a wonderful experience. They are a fun friend and family member. They also teach the children empathy & caregiving values for later life.

Children and dogs are great companions for each other and as such dogs fit beautifully into family life. However it is important to remember that they are a completely different species and as their owners it is only fair that we take this into account.

Dogs experience life in a different way from people and we have different ways of showing affection, communicating fear, distress and annoyance, and very different ways of resolving conflict. Dogs can react quickly and instinctively when annoyed, hurt or scared.

Children, especially younger children, also react differently than adults and may not be as aware of risk or consequences as we might anticipate. Babies & young children are erratic, make strange sounds and behave inappropriately towards dogs.

Families who have children with learning or physical disabilities have special considerations to take into account when it comes to the family dog - It’s important to recognise that the average family dog is very different from trained service dogs. 

Although children & dogs together can be wonderful together there is special care that needs to taken by the responsible adults in the home to ensure that interactions are safe and appropriate for both dogs & kids.


Each dog & each home set-up is unique and there can be a huge range of factors that need to be taken into account when assessing for safety and risk management. Some dogs individual behaviour & history may be of increased concern when it comes to interactions with children.

We at Clever Paws are passionate about helping families navigate the relevant information specific to their individual situation. Safety is always a top priority but never more so than when we are dealing with children & dogs together.

Whatever the age of your kids or your dogs’ experience with children we can help you identify problem areas in advance and provide extensive advice and assistance when setting up safe management protocols for kids and dogs to live happily & safely together.

Whether you are expecting a baby in the near future and want to know the best way to introduce your bundle of joy to your existing fur-baby, considering adding a dog to your young family or already dealing with the complexities of kids & dogs living together we can help.

Please contact us for more information on what we advise for your specific situation.


Single Training Session


Training Case Study

Angel is an exuberant 6yr old Lab who was generally well mannered but had started jumping up on counters when her family were making food. However Angel would bark when put into a different room at mealtimes, which was stressful for everyone involved. Her family needed help as she’d snatched one too many steak dinners!

Clever Pets helped Angel’s family teach her some self-control around food situations as well as teaching Angel to settle in another room when needed. We also trained her to go to her bed in the kitchen on cue and wait there while the family were preparing & eating meals. We worked on making Angel’s mealtimes more engaging for her with food based games & enrichment to help give her an appropriate outlet for foraging behaviour.

Following the single training session Angel’s family needed some phone & email support to tweak a couple of the exercises as they worked through them. When we checked back with Angels family a couple of weeks after the training session Angel was doing very well and the issues around the families mealtimes had completely resolved.

(4 Sessions) – done over 8 weeks


Training Case Study

Jericho was an 18 month old Springer Spaniel who lived life at 100 miles an hour! His family were finding it difficult to manage him on lead, and he was especially excitable around other dogs and could be a bit too much at times when playing with them. He also liked to jump up to say hello to any new people he met on his walks or visiting the house. His family were no longer able to let him off-lead as he wasn’t coming back to them & on one occasion they had to chase him around for a couple of hours just to get him back! He was also fond of jumping up on the furniture and family’s beds with muddy paws!

As there were a number of areas that Jericho’s family needed help with, together we decided that the Gold Training Package of 4 training sessions would best suit their needs. Because of the families existing work & family life commitments we decided spreading the 4 training sessions out over 8 weeks would be best to enable them the time to practice the exercises between training sessions.

After looking specifically at what Jericho’s family wanted to achieve with him, Clever Pets designed a training programme based on teaching him a range of foundation obedience cues, setting up some clear boundaries and teaching him better focus & self-control. Initially Jericho learned the obedience cues and focus in the house & garden, we then progressed to working with him on a long line around other dogs & then when he was doing well with that he graduated to being completely off lead.

After the training package finished Jericho had learned how to have better pay attention & listen to his family while out and about and to sit politely when saying hello to new people. He now knows how to walk to heal & how to keep the lead loose & relaxed while he sniffs on his daily walks & his family report they are enjoying taking him out for his walks now. Jericho is also calmer when seeing other dogs while out on walks & is much more appropriate when playing with other dogs, and his family now recognise when he needs to be called away if he’s getting too full on. Jericho’s family can now get him to come back to them when he’s off lead which means they’re able to let him off much more to play fetch with him or let him sniff in the woods – which is Jericho’s absolute favourite thing to do! His family wanted to continue to have couch cuddles with Jericho sometimes and we taught him to wait to be asked up onto furniture. Now that they have better control and communication with Jericho he can be allowed more freedom to be a ‘Crazy Springer’ and his family can enjoy his lust for life!


Happy & Safe Family Consultations

All behavioural consultations include a post consultation Summary, Training Plan & Interim Advice Summary as well as Post Consultation Email/Phone support for 1 month.

Your dog will be required to have a Veterinary assessment in advance of a behavioural consultation to identify any relevant health issues or contributing underlying medical issues. Some behavioural issues may require us to liase with your vet.

Please contact us to discuss your needs & for further information on your dogs behaviour.


Happy & Safe Family Consultation Packages Available

Prices for Home consultations are for Dublin & surrounding areas, depending on your location an additional travel cost may apply. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.  

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