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Here's what some of our clients have to say: 

"Our Families quality of life has improved because of Donna's training with our dachshund Penny and we can't thank her enough for the work she has done. Thanks Donna!"

Lara in Stamullen, Co. Meath

Kenya - Terri Ewing-cropped.jpg

Terri & Kenya

We just finished our 3rd of 3 sessions with Donna and our dog has done a complete 360 turnaround. We rescued her (lab/shepherd cross) nearly 2 years ago and were having problems with reactivity to dogs on walks and barking at visitors. Donna is amazing and so knowledgeable, and we were very lucky to have some of that knowledge passed onto us and now have a dog who calmly passes other dogs on walks and is so much happier with visitors, she is calm, content and more affectionate thanks to Donna. We now have the proper tools to deal with her behaviour. We knew Donna was always just at the end of the phone and know that in future if anything comes up she will help us resolve it again. Thank you so much Donna from Kenya and her humans!

Cali-Nora Balfe.jpg

Nora & Cali

Donna was brilliant. She helped both our dog Cali's confidence and our confidence in Cali. Completely transformed Cali's behaviour when meeting new people. Highly recommend.

Tilly -Phyllis-cropped.jpg

Phyllis & Tilly

Absolutely amazing information and more so INSIGHT into the mind and behaviour of our best friends.

Donna couldn't have helped more.

She listened and learned my dog's every aspect and ours in relation to our dog.

Some bits were hard to hear but only because I was silly enough to ignore the signs I already knew if I'm honest.

I can't recommend Clever Pets more! Awesome people! Highly trained, with an obvious love for what they do.

Thank you Clever Pets!

Mountains and Lake
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