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Reactivity (barking/lunging/

aggression) towards other dogs out & about

Issues between dogs & cats (or other pets/animals) in the home

Issues with strangers on walks or visiting the house


Resource guarding or ‘possessiveness’ around food, toys, couches, beds etc

Problems with Livestock

Issues between dogs in multi-dog households

Shy / Fearful dogs

Separation Anxiety/Not able to be left alone


Anxiety with getting into and/or travelling in the car

Dogs with handling issues / issues with getting harness or lead on

Issues with your dog being able to receive vet care

Repetitive Behaviours – Spinning/Tail-chasing/shadow or light fixation etc.


Self-Harming Behaviours – biting tail, chewing paws, excessive licking etc.

Behaviour Consultations

Behavioural issues in dogs can develop for a wide variety of reasons and be expressed in a number of different ways. You may be dealing with behavioural issue that affects one part of you or your dogs’ life or a combination of behavioural issues that may be multifactorial and create problems in many different situations.

It’s not uncommon that people seek casual advice from a range of sources (such as other dog owners or advice over the internet) or try a number of different things to deal with behavioural issues they’re dealing with before seeking the help of a professional and this can lead to feelings of frustration and hopelessness. Whatever your situation please rest assured that we at Clever Pets have the knowledge and experience to help you and your dog.  


At Clever Pets we have many years of experience in dealing with a wide range of behavioural issues for dogs of all breeds and ages. We use scientifically proven behaviour modification techniques that are safe, ethical & welfare focused to help you and your dog deal with the behavioural issues you are experiencing, improve your relationship and work together to get the results you need. Safety & welfare always remains a top priority in everything we do at Clever Pets.  

Whatever behavioural issues you are dealing with our aim is to help you understand why your dog may be behaving in a certain way, Then through a combination of training, management & behavioural modification we deal with the issues making life better for everyone in the household. Some examples of common behavioural issues are outlined below:


Behaviour Consultation Pricing

Follow Up Behaviour Consultations


Behaviour Consultation Bundles

Happy & Safe

Family Consultations

Having dogs in our family greatly enriches our lives, encouraging a fun, adventurous and active lifestyle. As a child growing up with dogs can be a wonderful experience. They are a fun friend and family member. They also teach the children empathy & caregiving values for later life.

Children and dogs are great companions for each other and as such dogs fit beautifully into family life. However it is important to remember that they are a completely different species and as their owners it is only fair that we take this into account.

Dogs experience life in a different way from people and we have different ways of showing affection, communicating fear, distress and annoyance, and very different ways of resolving conflict. Dogs can react quickly and instinctively when annoyed, hurt or scared.

Children, especially younger children, also react differently than adults and may not be as aware of risk or consequences as we might anticipate. Babies & young children are erratic, make strange sounds and behave inappropriately towards dogs.

Families who have children with learning or physical disabilities have special considerations to take into account when it comes to the family dog - It’s important to recognise that the average family dog is very different from trained service dogs. 

Although children & dogs together can be wonderful together there is special care that needs to taken by the responsible adults in the home to ensure that interactions are safe and appropriate for both dogs & kids.


Each dog & each home set-up is unique and there can be a huge range of factors that need to be taken into account when assessing for safety and risk management. Some dogs individual behaviour & history may be of increased concern when it comes to interactions with children.

We at Clever Paws are passionate about helping families navigate the relevant information specific to their individual situation. Safety is always a top priority but never more so than when we are dealing with children & dogs together.

Whatever the age of your kids or your dogs’ experience with children we can help you identify problem areas in advance and provide extensive advice and assistance when setting up safe management protocols for kids and dogs to live happily & safely together.

Whether you are expecting a baby in the near future and want to know the best way to introduce your bundle of joy to your existing fur-baby, considering adding a dog to your young family or already dealing with the complexities of kids & dogs living together we can help.

Please contact us for more information on what we advise for your specific situation.


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